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Vessel Management

Central Marine Logistics manages all the daily functions of the vessel including safety, chartering, crewing, maintenance, training, regulatory compliance, purchasing, bunkering, and marine insurance.

Fleet photos Vessel Safety

Central Marine Logistics' goal is to eliminate accidents. We pursue this goal through the idea that accident prevention aboard ship is not merely a matter of safety rules and policies, but a shared responsibility.

We empower all employees to immediately correct hazards when spotted, or report them to supervisors if it cannot be corrected immediately.

At Central Marine Logistics, you must be willing to take responsibility for your own actions and watch over your shipmates to successfully prevent accidents and injuries, both minor and major.

Scheduling Cargoes

Central Marine Logistics schedules cargoes with constant emphasis on meeting inventory needs, avoiding delays, and managing weather conditions.

Vessel dispatch is constantly monitoring changing conditions of vessel traffic and weather to maximize vessel utilization.


Central Marine Logistics handles all of the purchasing needs for domestic vessels in the fleet and spot purchases for Canadian and foreign clients.

We purchase safety supplies & equipment, maintenance items, mechanical equipment & tools, fuel & oil, and various supplies & sundries.

We purchase from a variety of sources to ensure vessel supplies are acquired at the most competitive rate.

Scheduling Cargoes

Real-world and practical training is part of our fleet culture. We combine the "how-to" of the marine industry and new technology, as well as advanced team-building management skills.

The fleet constantly evolves to achieve a positive and productive shipboard team with a constant vigilance on safety.

Vessel Maintenance

Central Marine Logistics cost-effectively maintains your ship to the highest standards; meeting and exceeding all applicable requirements of regulatory bodies.

Vessel Crewing

Central Marine Logistics staffs vessels with trained professionals. We administer all payroll and withholding functions, including benefit administration. We also manage vacation rotations including acquiring and placing appropriate temporary relief employees as required.